Fibersorb™ Acoustical Curtain Systems
Moderate industrial noise control problems (requiring 5-15 dBA noise reduction) can often be solved with McGill AirSilence's flexible acoustical curtain systems. Made of durable panels, our curtain systems are designed for the toughest industrial environments. Whether acting as full or partial enclosures, machinery shrouds and hoods, partitions, or barrier walls, they reduce the transmission of machine-generated noise without hampering worker access to the machinery.
   McGill AirSilence offers three main types of panels for its acoustical curtain systems: double-layer blocking, single-layer blocking, and absorption. Transparent panels are also available.

McGill AirSilence acoustical curtain systems provide the following features and benefits:
Noise reduction up to 15 dBA
Quick access to machinery and equipment
Custom-engineered systems to fit your application
Easy to install, relocate, and modify
Fire safe with low smoke emissions per ASTM E-84, Class 1
Roof panels and ventilation systems available when required
Optional observation windows
Long service life

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