Soundscreen™ Acoustical Panel Systems—Industrial

Most industrial noise problems have a variety of possible solutions with different cost/benefit options. Acoustical panel projects usually have their own assembly, performance, equipment access, and maintenance requirements. That is why McGill AirSilence offers four different acoustical panel systems that can be integrated into a variety of industrial noise control structures including walls, barriers, equipment, and personnel enclosures.
   Soundscreen panel systems combine state-of-the-art acoustical technology and materials. McGill AirSilence's Type SL, TG, RR, and WA-1000 acoustical panel systems give you consistently high quality and excellent performance at an economical price. Since it is not always practical to add porous acoustical materials directly to a factory wall, Type WA-1000 wall panels are an excellent way to add noise absorption to existing hard and acoustically reflective factory walls and ceilings.
   These rugged panel systems are of a sandwich construction which consists of a solid outer shell, acoustical/thermal fill, and perforated inner liner. They are available in either 2- or 4-inch standard thicknesses, non-standard thicknesses, and various material types.

Testing and Equipment Enclosures

Testing and equipment enclosures

Personnel enclosures

Acoustical barriers and walls

Wall Absorbing Panels

WA-1000 wall panels

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