Sounpak® Industrial and HVAC Silencers

McGill AirSilence offers a complete line of Sounpak silencers for noise control in industrial and HVAC applications. Sounpak silencers have been designed, tested, and manufactured to ensure the highest performance and most efficient operation at an economical price.
    McGill AirSilence has conducted acoustical testing programs on all Sounpak silencers. As a result of these tests, (run in accordance with ASTM standard E477), reliable and accurate performance data is available. This data allows the performance of Sounpak silencers to be easily and accurately predicted, and makes it possible to select the proper model and size to meet specified noise reduction requirements.
   The performance ratings are available in easy-to-use tabular form by contacting McGill AirSilence or one of its local manufacturers' representatives.

Round Silencers

Round industrial silencers

Rectangular Silencers

Sounpak rectangular HVAC silencers

Double Wall Round HVAC Silencer

Sounpak double-wall round HVAC silencer

Round No-Loss

Sounpak round No-Loss™ HVAC duct silencer

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